Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Now that the cold season is coming, perhaps you already decided to upgrade your roof so that your home can be prepared to the weather. Indeed, hails can damage your home, car and can even injure someone when get hit directly. Here are the benefits of metal roofing against different types of conventional roofing such as wood, tile, and asphalt. You’ll be surprised on how many advantages it can serve you together with your family.

Aesthetic Look

Perhaps you are thinking that installing metal roof can turn your house into a barn-like looking. Yes, barns are using metal roof with its silvery looks that can be irritating to the eye. But, metal roof can beat out conventional roofing materials when it comes to aesthetic. Your home can turn from simple to extravagant because of its overall look. Even though how small or how big is your home, your neighbors will certainly envy you.

Expected Life

Other metal roofing materials can last for only 10 years or so depending on the repairs and maintenance. As soon as the materials deteriorate, you need to call your roofers back and install another set of materials. Not to mention that traditional roofing materials can be beaten down by extreme hurricanes and snowstorms. Which means, this could be another pain in your pocket. In addition, your insurance company will try and look for the cheapest materials and service as much as possible. But not with metal roofing Virginia. It will last long as the house, sealing out water, high winds, snow, and all types of weather. The materials are highly resistant from fire, mildew and rot. This means that your roof will last from 60 up to 80 years.

Speed Installation

Because of its lightweight materials, a typical home project could only last for about 5 days up to 1 week depending on the curves and the weather. You can save on support structure because metal roof installation is using shingles. You can save not just your precious money but also time. The first day of the project includes inspection and stripping the roof.


It is certain that metal is one of the major conductor of heat which means if the season is hot, you are probably expecting that your home interior and attic will be extremely hot. But in reality, metal roofing technology reflects the radiant coming from the sun. This allows you to save energy and money. Metal roofing in low in insulation R value according to metal roofing alliance, but many ventilation designs these days are using dead-air space between the metal and attic to increase its overall energy efficiency,


Last but not the least is the value of your home. Did you know that installing metal roof can increase your house value as much as 30%? It is beneficial for real estate investors and for those of you who are moving to other location. Moreover, because you are using an eco-friendly, the federal government will give you incentives because you are using recyclable material.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top 20 Metal Roofing Facts

It is the most wonderful of the year as the holiday season comes closer and closer. It means that you have to be ready for the upcoming winter with its thaw cycles, snowstorms, hails and ice buildup. To prepare your home and to avoid any harm, investing to metal roof is beneficial. Having said that, here are the top metal roofing facts.

1. Kinds of Metal

There are wide varieties of metal material to choose from for your metal roofing needs and these are the galvanize sheet, steel, aluminum, and copper roofs. The cheapest would be the galvanized sheet while the most expensive would be the copper roofs.

2. Old Roof Installation

In order for you to reduce the overall cost of metal roofing, the metal materials can possibly installed over your old roof. Keep in mind that this depends on your roofers if they recommend over the top installation.

3. Professional Roofers only

You probably thinking that in order for you to reduce your expenses, one way to do so is by doing it yourself or probably hire a bunch of boy scout when installing the metal roof. This is indeed a no-no. Because there is a big chance that the installation can be don incorrectly which leads your roof premature causing you more money to spend.

4.Easily Installed

Unlike other kinds of roofing materials, metal roof can be installed even the winter season. The project can be completed for about 1 week depending on the weather.

5. Shingle or Seam

You can have at least 20% of price cut if you are going to select metal shingle over standing seam. Shingle is faster to install compared to standing seam.

6. Standing Seam

Ideally, a standing seam must be installed over asphalt shingle for the telegraphic of the shingle. The standing seam is manufactured by the roofing company or can be made on the project site.

7. Aluminum

In terms of quality, you can’t go wrong with Aluminum. It is the standard form of metal roofing that can cost you in variety of prices depending on the roofing contractor. You can visit Alpha Rain to know what we are offering for an Aluminium roof.

8. Copper and Zinc

On the other hand, the most expensive type of metal materials would be the copper and zinc. Typically the installation can cost depending on the rooing Contractor

9. Installation

All in all, from the materials to the blueprint of the project, the installation would be the most expensive of them all.

10. Professionals

Roofing installation requires specialized training, knowledge, skills, experience, the right tools and the right technology.

11. Cost

The cost will vary depending on the complication of the project particularly if the home structure has a lot of curves.

12. Get a Quote

In case that you budget is tight, you can take the advantage of the internet by getting a free quote. Most roofing companies online are offering such service for the benefit for anyone and everyone.

13. Color

Modern metal roofing can offer for about over a hundred colors including the standard and premium coating.

14. Style

Generally, the vertical panels would be the best choice for metal roofing project.

15. Longevity

In terms of its service, you can say to yourself that it is indeed a good investment. Metal roof can last from 5o up to 80 years.

16. Value

As soon as the project is done, you will be surprised on how much the value of your home.

17. Annual Tax

Since you are using a recyclable material, the federal government awards you incentives reducing your real estate property annual tax.

18. Demand

Due to its longevity  and aesthetic look, there are many homeowner these days who are considering to upgrade their traditional roofs to metal roofing.

19. FEMA

FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) highly recommends metal roofs for homes which prone from disasters.

20. Perfect for every home

Such material can easily be outfitted with snow guards preventing accidents of snow over door and entrances this season.

To wrap this up, a metal roof is such a good investment compared with any other remodeling roof upgrades. You will enjoy the longevity of its service, the high value of your home and its overall looks.